Rackspace Data Center

Linux Plan sites are hosted on industry leading Dell PowerEdge ™ servers in the Rackspace  Tier 1 Data Center  which offers the highest level of security, 24/7 server monitoring, uninterruptible power supply with on-site diesel generators and multiple network carriers to ensure a zero downtime network. 

Zero-Downtime Network
The Rackspace network has been engineered from the ground up to accommodate the high-availability demands of our customers' mission-critical Web applications. Our Cisco-powered, Zero-Downtime Network™ has unique self-healing attributes that allow us to deliver on our 100% infrastructure availability guarantee.

Rackspace doesn’t rely on any single connectivity provider. Instead, they employ a multi-provider strategy. This offers benefits over simply partnering with one network carrier. Working with multiple network carriers creates natural redundancy in our network architecture and ensures that packets can leave our network from multiple points. Additionally, if one or more providers experience congestion or downtime, traffic can be rerouted through other network partners until the issue is solved.

Beyond simply providing redundancy in case a particular provider experiences downtime, our proprietary networking technology allows our network operations team to actively probe the public Internet for packet loss and latency and automatically reroutes traffic around these areas. This ensures that traffic leaving the Rackspace network is not bound for a part of the public Internet that is heavily congested.

Guaranteed Packet Delivery
Our providers are paid to make sure that packets of information are delivered quickly and efficiently to your end users. This offers significant advantages over simply peering with the major backbones. Peering agreements rarely include Service Level Agreements (SLAs) so no one is accountable for lost packets at congested exchange points. Because Rackspace has SLAs with all of our network partners, we are able to guarantee that all packets will leave our network at full speed.

Bandwidth Utilization
Rackspace substantial bandwidth capacity allows us to accommodate even the largest spikes in traffic. To ensure rapid delivery of content, we continuously add network connectivity and new routes. Low bandwidth utilization allows for maximum uptime, even if multiple transit partners experience simultaneous outages.

Network Providers
Rackspace works closely with leading telecommunications providers to build and maintain a world-class network.

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